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A life in one-part harmony
A life in one-part harmony
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Day one - microwave kiln arrived

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I am deeply disappointed because I mixed up the dimensions and expected the internal dimensions to be what are actually the external dims. I will not be able to document the first part because - crap I left my backpack along with my camera at the t-day party. I have this really cute little camera about 2"X1" but not sure if I can find the cable for it. I am going to see what I can do to get everything ready. This is the room I will be working in - I will have to clean up this corner so I can move my microwave in; I have been wanting to get a new, smaller m-wave so that it will fit under my cabinets. I talked with an actual glass-blower about my building my own kiln and he was so helpful, I feel pretty dumb. Rather than using putty and vermiculite (which is only good to 1500 F before it disintegrates), he suggested I go to Seattle Pottery and buy some fiber board that is good to 1900 F.


I just spent 10 minutes in my head dreaming of all the things I am going to do. Will close for now to go do them.

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