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A life in one-part harmony
A life in one-part harmony
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IRS keeps Seasonal postings open 14 more days

At least in Seattle the openings are open until 8/10. I spoke with the woman who made that decision: they only have 60 applicants for 40 positions and they want about 180 to 250 “the cream rises to the top, the more candidates, the better the cadre”. IRS is LGBT-friendly, mostly colorblind and about 70% women; there are blind, wheelchair-bound - generally just about any minority you can think of are represented here. In a city where a black woman complained that she can go weeks without seeing another black person, the IRS Seattle office has a significant %age. Do you have an accent? No problem - my friend “arrogant Pearl” (actually, Elegant Pearl but her accent...) does her best and if someone complains, they can hang up and wait another hour to get someone else. The stated requirement for a bachelor’s degree can be offset with experience (I never got my degree).

The reason they want so many applicants is because the first series of tests eliminate illiterate people; you have to be able to read and understand English (if you are Spanish bi-lingual, you can get bonuses), this test eliminates quite a few. Then there is a simple phone test (I did not get to the right answer but that is not what the test is for) and this eliminates some more. Then in December the classes start and you start getting paid (Seattle starting is $33,000 - @ $16.50, other cities get a different location bonus), people drop out here. Then you get on the phones and double-plug with one of us ‘old hands’ and listen to how we do it - there will be about a dozen people wandering around to answer any questions you might have. If you make it past the 6 month probation, you are officially a government employee with medical and all that stuff.


If anyone on this board gets hired and are interested, I will introduce myself.

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