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A life in one-part harmony
A life in one-part harmony
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RAofA - reprised

I went out hiding more random bits of art out in the neighborhood but I could not find the dinosaur yard - not even the book boxes! Were this the 70s, I would assume that the acid got me and I dreamed it all but it is now the 20s and 40 years (almost) since the last time I did acid. So it is out there and I will have some dinos to add; the family is Steggie, Apato, Tricero, & T-Rex and will make a nice addition to whomever’s yard it is if it is ever found again - pics will be taken this time (although I did not take pictures when I made my rounds today). I will be casting skulls w/headphones, skulls w/o, clone troopers and a nine mil. They got backed up b/c I was using my regular kiln which takes for-effing-ever to get up to 1558F, melt the glass, then drop to 920F and sit and soak, then drop to room temperature. I always forget to start until late in the day and suddenly it 3:00am and I only got the one piece done.

At least I prepped some of the smaller stuff so I can just rip through that in the microwave kilns - the big ones I can run about 4 or 5 per hours. The dinky new ones will be interesting since I have not worked with them before but I can fit 3 in the microwave at a time - I will just have to dink around with time to see what it takes to get them to temperature.


I went by a toy store and found a box of tics, lice and other creepies to add to my ugly bug set.

I have no living room furniture, just a coffee table the size of an aircraft carrier that is also a lift top so that it will rise to about 4 feet (I guess so it can be used as a buffet - I got it from Costco so it came with 2 side tables that could be support frigates). Some friends promised to take me out to get furniture like a sofa and chair set and maybe a barka-lounger. I will be able to use my living room again, yay! Part of why I have not been very productive is that there is just no comfortable place to sit and do some glass stuff, sigh.


Sorry for getting you all caught up in my COVID-19 hysteria but it means that I might be able to get my glass crap out of the kitchen, which means I might be able to clean it up somewhat and do some cooking.

It is late - g’night

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